Our Deli is your weekly treat, stocking a superb selection of home-made specialities and some of the best food the South-West has to offer along with over fifty local and speciality cheeses.

The Deli offers a variety of light bites and snacks, such as mini pasties and quiches, sausage rolls, scotch eggs and home-made pies all made with home-grown and locally-sourced ingredients.

Our speciality dishes, such as spicy beef and pork pie (a Lebanese recipe), are perfect for the weekend along with the fantastic selection of pates, Toms gourmet pies and locally made pork pies.

The orange and stout, and smoked hams are not just heros of Rick Stein’s but a favourite with us too, whilst Arosto – a three day roasted Italian ham with rosemary and thyme, has just got to be tried.  There’s a fabulous selection of charcuterie and pots of antipasti with stuffed spicy peppers, sun dried tomatoes and  Spanish anchovies.

During the week we’ve got beautiful Tuscan rolls with a selection of fillings – baked on site by artisan bakers The Thoughtful Bread Company. 

We also have a beautiful selection of home-made sweets and pastries like Tarte Tatin – baked in Tish’s Aga, Canterbury Tart and everyday favourites such as chocolate brownies and gooey flapjack.

Our Deli staff just love food and can happily advise, so if you’re having a party or just fancy something delicious for dinner -  come and see us.


Our counter stocks over fifty locally produced and artisan cheeses. As you would expect being in Somerset, great local cheddars like Westcombe, Greens and John Spencer’s cave-aged, and cheeseboard stars such as Colston Basset Stilton, Brie de Meaux and Cornish Blue.

There are artisan cheeses like Epoisse and Vacherin Mont d’or and of course plenty of local ones too like Bath Soft. We also have a selection of ewes’ and goats’ milk cheeses from Somerset Cheese Co and Sharpham Park in Devon so whatever your palate or dietary requirements -  we’ve got a cheese for you.

The Deli is known for it’s generous selection of tasters giving you the opportunity to try before you buy, so please do ask if you would like to try a cheese  -   but just not all of them!


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