May 2015

  1. Around the Kitchen table

    Week 4

    On the Road with Erin!

    These last two weeks I’ve been out on the road visiting potential customers in sunny Somerset…

    Armed with Farrington’s canvas bags loaded with tasty samples, I’ve visited owners and managers of delis, cafes, farm shops and garden centres in the hope of them enjoying our products as much as we do.

    With over 150 products in the wholesale catalogue, I’ve chosen some of the best selling products to take on my visits that truly represent what Farrington’s is all about. Chris on the deli has had to put up with me stealing all his produce to fill my sample bags. He has sent me on my way with a delicious array of our favourites including quiches, sausage rolls and, of course, the Farrington’s-famous scotch eggs!

    Aside from deli goodies, we’ve thrown in homemade jams and chutneys, salads, ready meals and lets not to forget big chocolate cakes to ‘woo’ potential customers!

    The area covered so far reaches to Bath and Bristol and down to pretty towns and villages towards the heart of Somerset like Wells, Cheddar and Glastonbury.

    It has been refreshing to get out of the office to see a range of other businesses and the lovely people running them. Farrington’s have been met with much enthusiasm so hopefully our products will start popping up around Somerset in the near future!




    Week 3

    All Approved! 

    This week, we thought we’d share the journey we’ve been on to get to the approval status!

    It all started about 5 years ago as we started to notice just how much demand there was for our home-made goodies sold in the Farm Shop. As fast as were making them, we were selling out…which incidentally is a lovely problem to have!

    Back then, everything from cakes to pies, jams and chutneys was being made in the same tiny kitchen and we were rapidly running out of space! After repeated appeals from the cooking team for a bigger kitchen, we started to make plans.

    So in 2013, moooving with times and recognising we wanted to offer something more for our family visitors, we decided to take the plunge and convert the one of the old dairy barns into a state of the art indoor Playbarn and the udder half became a sparkly new production kitchen!

    Enlisting the help and expert guidance from Tracey and Imogen from the local public protection and food safety departments, we were given excellent advice on how to get “approval” status for our new kitchen so we could start sharing our love and foods with other farm shops and independents.

    This meant 4 of us having to undertake rigorous HACCP training. This was followed by months of flow diagrams and process analysis to identify critical control points and ensure every inch of the production was squeaky clean and our food safe to eat! Finally we did it, and were granted Approved Kitchen Status on the 15th February 2015! Yay!!

    Armed with our new official number WY027, we got stuck into our labelling and packaging to ensure we were fully compliant with new labelling requirements.

    Having done all that, we really feel ready to take on the world. …But for now, well start with Somerset!!



    Week 2

    In this 2nd blog, we’d like to introduce you to just a few of the Farrington’s Kitchen Family. (Left to right – Dan, Tish, Erin & Andy)

    • Dan – Production and Quality Control

    Dan LOVES food! A trained chef with 10 years’ experience in hospitality and catering, he’s now joined the team to oversee production and quality. He loves using home-grown produce in our dishes and looks after a team of 20 in the kitchens, to ensure our goodies make it out to customers on time!

    Dan’s got an eye for detail and is a keen artist too, currently midway through a degree in painting.

    Favourite Farrington’s food – Apple & Stilton Scotch Egg!

    •  Tish – Kitchen visionary and founding member of Farrington’s!  

    When she’s not busy cooking up new recipes, nursing farm animals or feeding a hungry family, you’ll find her in the kitchens dreaming up new dishes for the catalogue!

    Favourite Farrington’s food – She’s a huge fan of our salads but she does have a weakness for Granny’s Chutney along with her cheese!

    • Erin – Business Development

    Having returned from travelling, Erin has been involved in all aspects of the research and development of the Farrington’s wholesale range. From shortlisting products, creating the catalogue and research into packaging, she’s now tuning her attention to sales! As she ventures into the big wide world to meet with potential customers we wish her luck! Oh and she’s Andy & Tish’s daughter so she knows a thing or two about the business!

    Favourite Farrington’s food– ‘It has to the black pudding scotch egg… or the spicy mango chutney. If I had to choose a meal it would be the roasted vegetable quiche with coleslaw!’

    • Andy – Farmer and Chief grower!

    A dedicated Famer and founder of Farrington’s, Andy’s happiest in the fields or on his tractor picking for the Farm Shop and Kitchen. At home, he loves scoffing all the dishes we’ve made!

    Favourite Farrington’s food – Andy eats anything but his death row meal would be an enormous plate of coleslaw!

    …Finally, we’re thrilled to announce that a selection of the Farrington’s Kitchen range will soon be available to buy on-line from

    More on that next week so until then, eat well & be happy!



    Week 1

    Introducing…Farrington’s Kitchen

    When Farrington’s was born in 2001, we had a dream that, one day, you’d find our goodies in other fine food establishments.

    Well, after months of planning, going back to school to sit exams, implementing HACCP training and many sleepless nights we’ve now taken a giant leap forward to realising that dream with the launch of Farrington’s Kitchen..ta dah!!

    And, for the first time in our history, we are now able to bring our lovely goodies to the wholesale market!

    Around the Kitchen Table is our new weekly blog keeping you informed of the latest wholesale developments.

    So what have we been doing? Well, after spending quite literally minutes deliberating over the name, the next task was to create our very first Farrington’s product catalogue! With a product portfolio of 400 products all hand-made here, it was no easy task but we’ve managed to hone it down to just over 150 of our finest and best sellers.

    In the kitchen, with a set of scales in one hand and a calculator in the other, we’ve been furiously working out all the costings.

    And finally, with a responsible head and an attempt to do our bit to reduce our carbon footprint, we’ve been buried deep in packaging, investigating ways to transport all our goodies around the West Country.

    So there it is. We hope you’ll support us as we embark on what we hope will be a thrilling ride and an exciting new venture for Farrington’s!

    Next week, we’ll be introducing you to the team so until then, enjoy the bank holiday weekend!

    Best wishes

    Farrington’s Kitchen Team!