Visit Farrington’s and the first thing you’ll probably see is a black and white Friesian cow sticking out of the wall. Meet Gert!


Gert’s story begins when Tish and Andy were just starting the business and felt it needed a figurehead other than Tish to be the face of Farrington’s.

Over in the States, Tish had seen the Chicago parade cows, but having one of those would just cost too much. When a visitor came to the farm one day, whilst chatting to Tish, he explained that he was an artist looking for a project to get his teeth into.

The visitor, Ray offered to make them a cow, so he borrowed a barn on the farm in which he crafted away for several weeks. It would have been finished sooner if he and Tish hadn’t spent so much time chatting, but six weeks later, Gertrude was born.

Originally she was named Gert-rude after the cheeky tongue poking out of her mouth, but over time became known as Gert. When she was first inserted into the wall she had all four legs, until a few years ago when her back legs were stolen! Amazingly, the leg-rustler returned her legs and these were then mounted to mark ‘Gert Legends’ and they now hang proudly on the wall in the cafe.

She’s been part of the Farrington’s family ever since and today she is a local landmark, ever popular with our customers. She features on all our branding!

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