Could you give an old bird a new home?

The British Hen Welfare Trust (formerly The Battery Hen Welfare Trust) is a charity that re-homes commercial laying hens, educates the public about how they can make a difference to hen welfare and encourages support for the British egg industry.

Its ultimate aim is to see consumers and food manufacturers buying only UK produced free range eggs, which results in a strong British egg industry where hens have had happy lives.

We couldn’t agree more which is why all our eggs for the kitchen, cafe and shop are free range from Blackacre Farm in Somerset, and here on the farm, we treat our hens like royalty – and if you don’t believe us then one look at ‘Cluckingham Palace’ should be enough to convince you!

To do our bit, we ‘lay’ host to several re-homing days every year so if you’ve ever thought about keeping hens, then why not come along and talk to us. We can offer lots of advice on getting you started and we stock a large range of hen houses and equipment to make your bird feel right at home.

Re-homing a hen is a lovely thing to do and you can’t get a fresher egg than one that’s been laid on your doorstep – or even your garden.

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