At Farrington’s, we’re fond of a drop of ale and the odd glass of wine. We stock a fabulous selection of drinks from local and artisan producers and we’ll probably be able to recommend one or two!

There’s locally brewed beers from Cheddar Ales like Potholer, Gorge Best or Goats Leap, and some chuffing good ales from Boxsteam Brewery. We also stock a number of Bath Ales including Barnsey, Gem, Wild Hare, and their latest offering, Ginger Hare.

Being in Somerset, you would expect us to stock ciders and we do. We’ve got Thatchers, Honeys, Perrys and Orchard Pig’s Tumber and Trufler,  to name but a few, and the award winning Somerset cider brandy.

A fabulous selection of Country Fruit and sparkling wines from Lyme Bay and Charlie Crown Wines and fruit liqueurs and gins from Bramley & Gage.


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