Farrington’s chutneys and preserves are jam-packed with fruit and flavour. Like all our home-made range, they are hand-made in our kitchens using home-grown and locally-sourced ingredients.


We have a wonderful selection of chutneys ranging from spiced apple, beetroot, and runner bean and all take inspiration from what we grow.

Try our onion marmalade which partners up perfectly with cheese, and is amazing when dolloped over sausages.



Our favourite chutney is Granny’s – a rich, fruity chutney with a spiced gingery hit.  The recipe was passed down from Tish’s granny and is a closely guarded family secret. It was miscopied by Tish’s mum and suddenly became a lot hotter and even more delicious – a definite original!

With over ten home-made chutneys so far, there’s just too many to list them all, and the range varies according to the seasons and the gluts of produce so pop in to the shop and see what’s bubbling.

No afternoon tea is complete without a great jam and you just can’t have breakfast without marmalade, and here we make them all.

They are packed full of fruit sourced locally too, like our plum jam, made with plums grown on the farm, and strawberries from Cheddar.  All you then need are some home-made scones which of course we make too.

We’ve also got apple, pear and cider (aka Somerset jam), raspberry, blackberry and apple, damson, and even a strawberry and vodka jam. And for breakfast, an original orange marmalade, and Seville orange with cranberry and port.

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