Salads aren’t just for rabbits and out in the fields we spend hours trying to protect our lettuces from being nibbled and munched!


Our home-made salads are simply delicious and include everyday favourites such as potato, spicy rice, creamy coleslaw, mushroom and pesto. 

Or more adventurous varieties like crunchy cabbage and fennel, beetroot and onion and a fruity couscous.


There’s even one called Mr Snowy”s carrot salad, named after a rabbit who along wih carrots, had a passion for hi-fi wires and telephone directories – but we don’t make a salad out of these!

In the spring and summer, our Deli also stocks a selection of speciality salads ranging from coronation chicken, Asian slaw, apple, stilton and walnut,  to a refreshing melon and mint.

All of course, are hand-made in our kitchen using fresh and locally-sourced ingredients like our home-grown carrots. We also make a beautiful range of salad dressings too.

Our salad boxes come in portions to feed two or four,  but if you’re having a party and need a big bowl to feed lots of guests, we can cater for that too. Just give us a call or pop in to the shop.

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