Anyone who’s ever visited our Deli will have seen a fabulous selection of scotch eggs straight out of the fryer. These deep-fried, golden balls are one of Farrington’s specialities and a firm favourite with our customers.


Legend has it that the scotch egg was invented by Fortnum & Mason in the 1730’s and not by the Scots. In the olden days, people travelling by coach needed something tasty, yet substantial to take with them on long jouneys and so the scotch egg was born.

And to this day, we still get coach loads of customers dropping in to grab a scotch egg to take with them on their merry way.


For us – they’re a perfect lunchtime treat, or in fact – any time of the day. All our scotch eggs are hand-made in our kitchens using locally-sourced ingredients and free-range eggs. Some are inspired by the seasons and some are themed lke our Mc’egg with haggis but they’re all completely delicious!

We have over ten varieties including; original, black pudding, chorizo, Stilton and apple, herb and mustard, and chilli.  We’ve even made a scotch egg for vegetarians too with cheese and onion instead of sausage meat.

It’s easy to see why they’re one of our best sellers so next time you’re passing the Deli, be sure to try one.

If you’re feeling really brave, there’s even a recipe for scotch eggs below. Happy frying!

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