1. New to Farrington’s: The Sharpening Service

    New to Farrington’s are The Sharpening Service, a family run professional sharpening business.

    They can sharpen almost anything; Hairdressing Scissors, Dog Grooming Scissors, Dressmaking Scissors, Pinking Shears, Kitchen Knives, Dog & Horse Clipper Blades, Podiatry Nippers, Woodworking Tools… there is very little they can’t sharpen, so just ask them if you are unsure!

    Their customers consist of ordinary domestic users and professionals alike, and you can view their many testimonials on the website below. They try to give a service that they would expect and take great pride in all their work. They don’t want you to use them just the once, hopefully you will keep coming back for the excellent all-round service they aim to provide.

    A lot of their work is ordinary household kitchen items, so don’t be worried about only wanting one knife or one pair of hairdressing or dressmaking scissors sharpening. Never throw out an old knife as they will make it as sharp, if not sharper, than the day you bought it!

    You can also go into the workshop and watch how it’s done; they can also give you plenty of advice for free.

    Find them opposite the entrance to the Farm Shop. Opening hours will be 9am-5.30pm Monday to Friday and Saturday 9am-3pm.

    Call us on 0791 900 6766 or visit www.sharpening-service.co.uk.