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4 Easy Steps to Look After Your Christmas Tree

As the whole country is launching into the festive season earlier than ever this year you will need to know how to make your Christmas tree last the duration. Follow these easy steps to ensure your tree is still looking beautiful on Christmas Day.

1) When you purchase a tree from us, we will make a fresh cut, straight across the base of the trunk before we hand it over to you, not all Christmas tree sellers do this but it is vitally important for a long-lasting tree as it aids the ability for the tree to absorb water. The vascular system that draws water up into the Christmas tree will have clogged up gradually since the tree was cut down. Cutting just a ¼ inch off the bottom of the trunk will open up the vascular system again allowing the tree to absorb water again.

2) Once you get your Christmas tree home, we recommend, as hard as it may be not to put it in your house straight away to put the tree straight into a bucket of water in a protected area. An unheated garage is perfect or somewhere that is protected from the wind and frost. This will give the tree a good chance to absorb enough water before you put it into your warm home. If you can bear it 3-4 days is a good amount of time for the tree to do this.

3) When you are ready to bring your tree inside, place it in a tree stand with a large water well. It is essential to water your tree well, so it doesn’t dry out. Check the water level daily and make sure the cut end is always below the water level. As a general rule, the tree will require a litre of water per metre but if your home is warm it may even need more!

4) Although it might be tempting to put your tree next to the roaring fire, Christmas trees will dry out quicker if they are near a direct heat source. Try and place them away from radiators, fires or direct sunlight.

Our Christmas trees are on sale from the 28th November in our Swinging Christmas Tree Forest. We can’t wait to see you there!


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