Our approach to the environment, life and everything!

Food Miles

In the shop we look to promote local produce. Not simply because it tastes miles better, but to reduce the impact of food miles – the distance that food travels from the producer to the consumer who eats it. Food miles matter. More food miles mean;

  • more costs to pass on to the customer
  • more fuel being used
  • more carbon dioxide emissions
  • more pollution brings a greater risk of global warming.

A Real Bag For Life

Famous throughout the area, Farrington’s environmentally-friendly cow-print canvas carriers are seen as a must-have shopping and fashion item, as well as being the ideal way to cut down on the use of plastic bags. Unlike those now being offered by the big supermarkets, our cool cow bag is really tough and durable – a real bag for life!

Fair Trade

We care about the way we behave as a business too. At Farrington’s we make sure that all our producers, even the smallest enterprises, are properly and promptly paid for their products. We value our staff and work with them to ensure that they can develop their full potential through training. And we invest in our own environment by ensuring that all our cardboard waste – and we have plenty of that – is compacted daily and sent for recycling.

Environmental Responsibility

The main benefit to the countryside surrounding the farm is our ten acres of developing woodland, which was planted in 2003. It features many native tree species such as beech, alder, oak, rowan, sycamore, silver birch and ash, together with shrubbier hazel, hawthorn, holly and guelder rose.

Over-wintered stubbles, something you don’t find on many farms, have also made a significant contribution to increasing wildlife on the farm. Today, we can find examples of forty-four bird species and twenty plus species of butterflies and moths. We are seeing more and more wildflowers and, with a nest box already in place, we are anxiously awaiting the return of the Barn Owls.

As well as looking after our environmental responsibility around the farm, we also recycle paper, cardboard, metal and glass from our shop, cafe and production kitchen.


We want to help the Oceans and our environment here at Farrington’s so as well as a continuous project to reduce our plastic usage on site we are also now a registered Eco-brick drop off site!

We will be continuously looking at all the plastic we use on site to see if we can reduce where we can or use greener alternatives. This will be an on-going project we hope to slowly get better and better at.
We are also now a Eco-Brick drop off site. We are joining together with our amazing community to further help reduce the plastic that goes into our sea. Simply tightly pack all of your non-recyclable plastic into a plastic bottle and drop them off at our Farm Shop and feel happy that it will not end up in our Oceans.

For more information about Eco-Bricks see https://www.ecobricks.org

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