Fresh home-grown veg is what we're all about. Here on the farm, we have sixty acres of fields with full Soil Association Organic status for growing the tastiest vegetables and cereals. We treat our veg with love - not nasty chemicals and pesticides.

Natures Way

Thanks to Gert and the rest of her herd,  we have an abundance of completely natural fertiliser which gets the crops off to a great start. Organic farming is about using natural methods. To protect the crops from bugs and other beasties,  we cover them with netting instead of chemicals. This is much kinder to the environment and ensures we can supply the farmshop and kitchens with really tasty veg.

Our red sandstone soil has a really sandy base and is just wonderful for growing all kinds of crops. In the farming world, our soil is rated as Grade 1 so your veg gets the very best start in life and we are lucky to have three sites right on the doorstep for growing our crops. These are, Ruett Farm, Sunnyside and Hayboro, which are all just a short tractor ride away from Farrington’s.

Keeping our customers happy and giving them plenty of choice is key to all we do. In a year, we grow sixty varieties of seasonal vegetables from potatoes, parsnips, leeks, carrots and  beetroot to spring-time asparagus, broad beans, onions and summer cabbage all of which  feature in our home-made dishes.  And we’re always looking for new and exciting veg to give you more variety, such as fennel, cavalo nero and uchiki kuri squash.

To help you find what’s in season now, we’ve created a produce calendar that you can download to help you plan your family meals and keep an eye on our udder news for even more tasty offers

Click here to download the Farrington’s produce calendar (PDF).

The Humble Potato

**A recent study has found that the humble potato is better for you than traditional superfoods such as bananas, broccoli, beetroot, nuts and avacado, which is probably why we grow tons of spuds!

Here, we grow two varieties and our favourite has to be the great all-rounder, Wilja, which goes into many of our home-made and cafe dishes. Different soils give different flavours and our soil brings out the best in the Wilja.

For more great ideas on what to do with our home-grown veg, take a look at our recipe links below, or better still, let us do the hard work for you and treat yourself to one of our home-made meals – packed full of the best stuff.



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