The Thoughtful Bread Company are an award-winning eco-artisan bakery producing hand-crafted bread from local, seasonal ingredients for Bath's restaurants, delis, and the general public.

Their bread is made from the most seasonal and locally-sourced or foraged ingredients, fresh every day. Each loaf is hand-rolled and individual in character and is produced using extended proving periods, all of which will ensure that each bite will leave you wanting more.

At The Thoughtful Bread Company, Duncan and his team believe that it’s not just their bread that will put a smile on your face; it’s the people, the ethics and the environmentally-friendly approach to business that they adhere to at all times every single day.

Farrington’s stock a wonderful selection of these breads including, beetroot,  rustic onion, nettle and chive, and Cheddar Gorge bread, made from cave-aged Somerest Cheddar.   

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