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Dust off your tinsel the elves are back in town! And this year they are bringing SANTA!! Join us for a fun Christmas event which is bound to get you in the Christmas spirit.

Join the Elf Academy and learn how to be one of Santa’s little helpers before meeting the big man himself. This year, you will meet 4 of our cheerful elves and learn all the important elf jobs in the run-up to Christmas.


Learn the secret elf wave, learn how to make reindeer food, plant a magical candy cane seed and make an edible snowman. Then once you have learnt everything about being an elf, get ready to meet Santa who will give you a gift and a certificate for passing the Elf Academy. 

The Secret Elf Wave

Join the event where Twinkle Toes will get you elf-ready. Receive your elf hat, and learn the secret elf wave. You will all be ready to join the training. 


Reindeer Food Room

Peppermint the Elf will show you how to make the perfect mix of reindeer food that you can leave out for the reindeer on Christmas Eve. Just watch out, Peppermint likes to eat the reindeer food himself!


Snowman Making

Dash the Elf loves inventing new sweets for the elves to eat. She will teach you how to make edible snowmen, which you can enjoy. 


Candy Cane Planting

Candy Cane is the chief candy cane-making elf so is the perfect person to show you how to plant the perfect candy cane. Make sure you bring some magic and lots of Christmas cheer. The next morning your candy cane seed will grow into a real candy cane that you can eat. (parent help is required, look out for the sneaky brown bag when you register). 


Meet Santa

Santa will be here to give you a little gift and certificate to say thank you for helping him with all the elf jobs. Make sure you be on your best behaviour and bring your biggest Christmas wish. 






We are open at weekends in December leading up to Christmas.


Included in the ticket:

An Elf Hat to Take home

Homemade Reindeer Food to Take Home

An Edible Snowman

A Candy Cane Plant- which will grow into a real candy cane (parent help required- shhh look out for the sneaky brown paper bag when you register)

A Graduation Certificate

A Gift from Santa

Farrington's christmas event


Do I have to pay for my baby?

If your child is under 24 months they will not require a ticket but please note that they will also not receive any other event items that come free with your ticket e.g. reindeer making food. If you would like your under 2, to be able to join in with the activities then you are welcome to purchase them a ticket.


I am unable to attend due to feeling un-well, can I have a refund?

Unfortunately, we are unable to issue a refund if you are not able to make your slot.


Can I swap my ticket to another day?

We will do our best to accommodate with enough notice; however, if the day you wish to move to has sold out we cannot then issue a refund.


Can dogs come?

Unfortunately, elves are really scared of dogs, so dogs can not attend the event.


Do I have to pay for adults and children?

Yes, both adults and children will need a ticket.


What happens if I am late?

We will try our best to fit your group in at a later time but due to the popularity of the event this might not be possible. We suggest you arrive 5 minutes before your time slot.


How long will the event take?

About 1 hour 15 minutes. 


What else is there to do?

Our café will be open, the log burner will be going and there are plenty of festive treats on the menu. Plus, our swinging Christmas tree forest is open in our barn area where you can search around for your favourite tree to take home.

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