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Pick-your-own Pumpkin Patch near Bristol, Bath and Wells in Somerset


‘Farrington's Farm' - referred to as ‘we’, ‘us’ and/or ‘our’, and ‘Event’ – means any event or pick-your-own activity offered to the public and conducted at Farrington's Farm.



  1. Entry to the Event will only be permitted with a valid ticket purchased via our website

  2. Every person over the age of 2 years old requires a ticket to enter the Pumpkin Patch

  3. All ticket purchases are subject to a booking administration fee

  4. Tickets cannot be transferred, exchanged amended or refunded once booked, it is your responsibility to book the correct date and time

  5. A valid e-ticket must be presented upon arrival to the Event, either on your smartphone or a printout

  6. Tickets are only valid for the date and time slot for which they have been booked. Arrival at a time other than your booked time slot may result in you not being able to enter the Event

  7. Refunds will not be given if you miss your slot regardless of whether it is out of your control or not

  8. Your ticket does not include a pumpkin. You are welcome to purchase as many pumpkins as you like on the day



  1. All children under 16 years old are required to be supervised fully during the Event by an adult over the age of 18 years

  2. Pushchairs are not recommend in the Event. Any pushchairs left unattended outside the Event are left at the owners risk.

  3. Our priority is the safety of our staff and visitors. We expect our staff to welcome you and help you during your visit and in return we expect our customers to treat our staff with respect. We have a zero-tolerance policy against any violent or aggressive behaviour towards our staff. Anyone who displays this kind of behaviour will be asked to leave the Event, with no refund given

  4. Remember that throughout the duration of your visit, you are responsible for the safety of yourself and others in your group

  5. Please wear appropriate footwear and come dressed appropriately for the weather on the day

  6. Arrival to the Event outside of your 1-hour time slot may result in your entry to the Event not being permitted, it is your responsibility to arrive within your booked time slot. 

  7. Well-behaved dogs on leads are welcome at the Event, it is your responsibility to pick up after them

  8. Please be respectful of other visitors at the Event

  9. Please take any litter home with you or use the bins provided on site

  10. Wheelbarrows are provided, these must be returned to the wheelbarrow parking area at the end of your picking session. Anyone misusing the wheelbarrows may be asked to leave

  11. Be aware of uneven ground and trip hazards while at the Event

  12. The Event is outside and will not be cancelled due to poor or inclement weather

Please note that anyone disregarding the above Terms and Conditions will be asked to leave the Event with immediate effect, with no refund given.

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