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At Farrington’s we believe that our Sunday Roasts are the best around because we use fresh, home grown ingredients to make them. Here are 5 reasons why they taste so good:

1) Our vegetables are home grown. All the vegetables are grown right here on our farm less than a mile away. We pride ourselves on the quality of our home grown vegetables and we love to show them off. From the field, straight to your fork!

2) Our vegetables are organic. We don’t spray our vegetables with chemicals to kill competing weeds, instead, we hand pick the weeds. This may take longer but we believe it’s worth it. No chemicals results in better soil health, higher biodiversity and more nutrient-rich vegetables.

3) Our meat is local and traceable. Our in-house butcher knows exactly where each cut comes from and is passionate about sourcing meat from West Country suppliers for our roast dinners. He chooses mainly grass-fed meats which not only taste great but have a high nutrient value.

4) Our roast potatoes are made using our home grown potatoes. Wilja potatoes are one of our favourites to grow, they are a great ‘all rounder’ and we use them in our café as often as we can. Their centres stay soft and fluffy while crisping up beautifully on the outside when roasted. Wilja potatoes are available to purchase from our Farm Shop too.

5) Our vegetables are seasonal. We believe in using our home grown vegetables rather than shipping produce from abroad, so our Sunday roast menu will change slightly as we move through each growing season on the farm. You therefore benefit from being able to eat the freshest and tastiest ingredients. Our vegetables are picked the morning before they are served in our café - you can’t get fresher than that! See our seasonal chart to see what’s in season, when.

Our Sunday roasts are available every week but make sure you reserve your table in advance, as we do get booked up quickly. To book your table fill in our online booking form or call the Café team on 01761 452266.


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